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In August of 2005, Congress passed the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient, Transportation, Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), reauthorizing the surface transportation act. As part of this reauthorization, grantees under the Elderly Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310), Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) (Section 5316), and New Freedom Initiative (Section 5317) grant programs must meet certain requirements in order to receive funding for fiscal 2007 (beginning 10/1/06) and beyond.

One of the SAFETEA-LU requirements is that projects from the programs listed above must be part of a “locally developed coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan.” This plan is required to be developed through a process that includes representatives of public, private, and non-profit transportation services, human services providers and the general public.

The Regional Intergovernmental Council has taken the lead for developing this plan for Region III, including Boone, Clay, Kanawha and Putnam Counties. RIC coordinated with the following stakeholders in developing the plan:

• Kanawha Alternative Transit (division of KVRTA)
• C&H Taxi
• Hansford Center, St. Albans
• Kanawha Valley Senior Services
• Prestera Center
• Putnam Aging Program, Inc.
• John Henson Senior Center
• Clay Senior and Community Services, Inc.
• Tri River Transit
• Boone County Community Organization

• Appalachian Center for Independent Living, Inc.
• AFL-CIO Appalachian Council Head Start
• Good News Mountaineer Garage
• Union Mission
• WV Bureau of Senior Services
• Fair Shake Network
• Kanawha County Ambulance Authority
• WV Department of Health and Human Resources – Kanawha and Putnam   Counties
• Clay County Development Corporation
• Boone County Development Authority
• Upper Kanawha Valley Enterprise Community
• Region III Workforce Investment Board
• City of Hurricane

To view the plan, click on the link below:
Public Transit-Human Service Plan


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