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Working with other public and private agencies such as the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT), the FHWA and the Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority (KVRTA), RIC strives to implement a transportation system that assures healthy growth and orderly development in the region. One of the main goals of RIC is working to develop a well-coordinated, functional transportation system to satisfy existing and future travel demands.

RIC and its staff work to provide a complete transportation system, one which will enhance the efficient movement of goods and people, while promoting greater safety and maintaining a conscious regard for the quality of life. For this goal to become a reality, constant monitoring of the existing system must occur. Staff is continually collecting data on the existing system to support the short-range planning process and to identify the challenges and opportunities of the future.

The purpose of this report is to highlight and visually illustrate some of the transportation planning activities conducted by RIC and show transportation related trends of the area. Included in this report is a summary of the traffic surveillance activities, intersection analyses, corridor and impact studies, long-range planning, and bicycle/pedestrian planning activities completed in recent years. This report intends to familiarize the reader with the historic population and employment trends and current traffic congestion and safety conditions. The web version of this document is interactive and connects the various planning documents and organizations together.

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